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Find the best daily deals on DealFetch.com.au, Australia’s most advanced group buying aggregator. DealFetch combines the top daily deal sites in Australia, saving you time while ensuring you never miss out on a great deal.

Group buying brings amazing offers in retail, beauty, restaurants, travel and more, all at heavily reduced prices. Daily Deals normally only last for one day, so be quick before they expire. Some sites feature deals that last for 3 days more, which is especially common in the travel category.

Find all the deals in one convenience place – simply sign up to the customisable daily email, or browse deals on the website. The DealFetch email can be customised to feature deals you like, simply choose the categories that interest you and receive an easy to read daily email. DealFetch is the first to feature location targeting, allowing you to receive deals near your location. Simply enter your suburb in your user settings to activate this feature. Once activated, deals will be ranked by distance from your chosen location – get deals near your home or office!

DealFetch features all the top Australian group buying sites, including Spreets, Cudo, Groupon, Living Social, Scoopon, OurDeal, Ouffer and more. New deals are released every day, ensuring there are always awesome new deals to check out. New sites are also added regularly, expanding the DealFetch database to include niche deal types including travel, cars, beauty, and more.

DealFetch features a powerful online deal browser that lets you explore different cities as well as filter by category. The site also allows you to sort deals by newest, expiry date, cost, and percent off. Suburbs can also be explored within cities, enabling you to see deals near your location. Subscribe to DealFetch now to receive your free daily deal email!